Quamen Flatland Fuel

Adam Pintek
Bike Flat (BF): What's your full name?
Adam Pintek (AP): Adam Tyler Pintek

BF: How old are you? (date of birth)
AP: Age 20  (3/26/84)

BF: How long have you been riding (flat..) ?
AP: 6 years

BF: Where are you located?
AP: I am originally from Porterville Ca,
(central valley)  but now im living in San Jose...

BF: How is the scene there?
AP: The scene in San Jose is good...   not as far as riders go though, I don’t really know any one over here,  but I have some sweet riding spots...

BF: Do you usually ride alone or with others, if you ride with others, care to share who?
AP: I enjoy riding with others but ever since day one I
have been riding alone...

BF: Would you consider yourself more of a comp. rider or self rider?
AP: I feel that every rider is a self rider, lets face it flatland is not exactly the status of the NFL... Everyone understands that there is no money in it, so for an individual to dedicate his/her self to ride countless hours everyday must be doing it for the joy of it.  But I must say that contests have also been a fun experience, but not to change the reason why I ride.
BF: What keeps you motivated?
AP: The main thing that keeps me motivated is the feeling of learning a new trick.

BF: Do you have any influences/people you look up at as far as riding goes?
AP:  Well first off, the people I grew up with watching through the TV,Trevor Meyer, Chad Degroot, Jason Brown, Andrew Faris, Day Smith, And Especially Michael Steingraber...  Steingraber was probably the rider that
most influenced me.  Also, Shawn White, Dave Hanson, and Matt Gardner.

BF: Do you have any future plans or goals?
AP: Defiantly..  I am currently going to San Jose State University for 3d Animation... so after that I plan
on working for DreamWorks, Pixar, or who ever, get a nice house, a couple Lamborghini's, a hot wife and everything will be chill..   And of course still ride for the love of it...

BF: Have you ever "taken time off" from riding, if not have you ever felt like it?
AP: When I was younger,  hehe...  a couple years ago, I got burnt out.. maybe 3 weeks max..  Ha. I love the sport too much..

BF: What would you consider to be your favorite time or moment as far as riding goes?
AP:  My favorite moment was by far getting 3rd place at the CFB in Flordia.  Many of the riders that I grew up with watching on TV were there competing, and for me to get 3rd place was a hell of an achievement.
BF: Do you have any advice to beginners?
AP: Beginning days are fun because everything is new…  When I want to get better I use a technique that maybe you should try too.  Learn a couple of tricks (for example) a lardyard, mega spin, and a dumptruck.  Once you mastered the tricks, think of crazy original ways to link the tricks together.  When you start linking tricks in your own way, it will make people’s heads turn!

BF: So you are riding 6 pegs, when did you decide to do this and why?
AP: HAHA, how did I know you were going to ask me this one… Well, I have been  riding with 6 pegs for a little over 4 years now, I think.  It’s been a long  time but I basically just thought about it one day and tried it.  I loved it and it made me want to ride more and the sport grew more fun by doing so.

BF: How are you enjoying the 6 pegs, do you ever put cranks on for a try? Also what do you think when people say 6 pegs makes it a scooter rather than a bike?
AP: As of today I love my bike set up.  I am happy with it and I have no reason to change it.   I have road with cranks for many years…I know how it feels and there’s not much of a difference.  I won’t put them back on but ill trade bikes with Matt for a little (when we ride together) and we have a good laugh.   For the people that say “6 pegs makes it a scooter” are looking at the hole thing a little to closely.  I don’t really have much to say to them because I don’t respect people for making something  completely RETARDED!

BF: Some people say you went underground for a while?  Is this true, and if so, why did it happen?
AP:  Well I stopped going to contests, if that’s what you call underground.  I was a little tired of examining the politics in the judging for the price that it takes to get there.  It was a learning  experience and contests are looked upon totally different for me today.  Go to chill and have fun with your competitors.
BF: Do you try to be "unique" with your riding or do you just go out and do whatever?
AP:  As you can tell I even try to be unique with my bike… That’s how I am..  I always try to be unique.  It is so much more rewarding.

BF: Do you have a job outside of riding? (explain...)
AP:  For right now I’m just going to school and working at copy club, (a copy machine place) like 2 days a week….  For a little extra money.

BF: What are your thoughts as far as X-Games dropping flatland goes?
AP:  It sucks as it did help flatland become more familiar with the world.  It also sucks that the “X-games” is becoming a little too political.  The Part that sucks the most is that I won’t be able to see all the riders that come from around the world on a yearly basis.  After the contests, haha, those were some good times, stuffing like 20 riders in the back of James mcgraws little pickup truck having them screaming at me because I was going a little bit to fast around the curves on the way to the bar…  Memories

BF: Who are your sponsors?
AP:  Shortmans Cyclery in Porterville Ca, Best bike shop in the world.  If you go there, tell them I sent you.

BF: And last shout outs or thanks?
AP:  To all of the riders, Mom and Dad,friends and especially to my good friend Dustin Speck. Thanks man.